Resources for Five Days Left

In Five Days Left, one of the main characters, Mara, has Huntington’s disease (“HD”). It was essential to me that I be exacting with every detail of HD, and with that in mind, I read every book, article and website I could find on the disease, and spoke to a number of experts in the field.

Two of the many books I found to be helpful were:

the facts – Huntington’s Disease, by Oliver Quarrell (Oxford University Press 2008)

Learning to Live with Huntington’s Disease: One Family’s Story, by Sandy Sulaiman (Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2007)

Because the state of the research is constantly evolving, I would recommend that anyone who wants to learn about HD consult with the websites of some of the main HD organizations. Those sites are constantly updated, and will provide the most thorough and most up-to-the-minute information. Some excellent sites include:

Each of those sites includes DONATE links, should you be so inclined.